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Killing Me

This song is by Liyana Fizi and appears on the album Between The Lines (2011).

I'm lying on my side spacing out
These thoughts they stay on replay
They won't fade
The looks, the words, the fights
Is this worth it? It's not worth it

I never knew that
It would turn out this bad
I never knew I'd be so wrong
I never knew that
Trouble had a face so
Cut to the chase already
'Cause I miss us. And I miss me.

Sometimes life just won't give in
Some days time just keeps on running
Keep running from me
Take deep breaths now
My head prints on your left shoulder

I never knew that
It would turn out this sad
I never knew I'd be
So breakable, that
Words could stain and I
Can't erase them. I can't erase them.

Good Intentions
Just good intentions for me
Save some good intentions
Just good intentions for me.

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