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Reach For The Sky

This song is by Living Sacrifice and appears on the album Conceived in Fire (2002).

Who am I to question?
Every day to understand
This precious beginning
Now fading, passing

This is the feel of sadness
Where will solace find me?
Where will peace begin?
Where will peace begin?

I have the call to be true
Find a way for You
The peace be inside
Follow safely home

In my God, in His smile, nothin' is impossible
Every day brings an awesome hope
Grace will lead the way and joy will follow
My heart leaps at the sound of Your voice

Calling my name and You are so perfect
In every way a testimony of creation
Beautiful is Your name
I can't wait to see Him when I wake

Fresh and new, simple and true
Formed by mercy, formed by grace
Earth and sky in Your eyes
Blessed, pure

You're more than I deserve
You're my blessing, You're my wisdom
You're my freedom, You're my mission
I live for His glory

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