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This song is by Little T and One Track Mike and appears on the album Fome Is Dape (2001).

Police and mounties, federalies
Law makers in 46 counties
Always after me for something stupid
Wrongfully accused man, I didn't do it
Shoot kid they got me runnin', gunnin
No bones about it the got me stuntin
Face down in the mud from my bludgen
Can you imagine a fate worse then that
Outlining chalk with a hole in you back
I can but it ain't gonna happen
I' gonna keep on steppin keep on rappin'
Never get caught in the cross fire cappin
And if I do I won't fall
I won't even need a bandaid y'all
Gonna clogg your arteries up with fat
Nah man I'm immune to that
Stuff your nose up with doggy crap
Nah man I'm immune to that

From the day I was born been a fugitive
Mom an dad didn't want not kids
Got condom to prevent me spermin
But all it did was tempt me
I bust on through the safe sex and protection
Tail in the air with my muscle flexin
Swimming through th high tide of spermicide
No doubt I was gonna survive
And then it hit me bam
Let me say god damn
Mom had a diaphgram
But it wasn't enough to stop the T
Renegade sperm with a plan to plant seed
Like a farmer soon to be
Plowing straight through to the ovaries
Home free
With an egg to impregnant
Layed low for 9 month straight dipped in a cut
Building my strength up
Till my reign of terror could commence on earth
Immune to death since my day of birth
Gonna break your legs in a booby trap
Nah man I'm immune that

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