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Your Radio

This song is by Little Scream and appears on the album The Golden Record (2011).

Walking inside of this, walking inside of this,
you too, you too, you too!
You will know.

Everyone's tired of this, everyone's tired of this.
One day we'll all look back,
and we'll know:

This could be anything, this could be everything!
One day you'll look back you'll know.

'Cus we'll feel the hour building
and we'll feel the hour moving,
now we're golden!

Once were the days not long ago when you'd sleep clutching you're radio.
But at least you had somewhere to stay, and a radio, and a song to play.
Hey, way to go!

You draw the lines now, you draw the lines,
and I will cut the paper boats.

As we wait for the flood to come, wait for the flood to come
down, and then we'll see how we float.

'Cus we feel the current coming
and we know the current's coming,
now we're going...

Written by:

Laurel Sprengelmeyer

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