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Black Cloud

This song is by Little Scream and appears on the album The Golden Record (2011).

Black cloud running through the night, black cloud running high.
A farm boy goes to comb his hair, coming to see me now.
Have you seen his eyes so grey?
And the scar running down his face.
Greetings to you stormy one!
A swan in a rooster's place.
Cast out from the lake... La la la la la.

Julie Ann said she saw you out with you black shirt tucked in.
But then gain you could be hiding out in the old ruins again,
where you'd say "dark's the heart of men..." La la la la

Curtains rustle in the night, house flies gather in a field...
Cast your gaze down old glass eyes, o'er what you see but cannot feel...
Though you're lost now don't despair, 'cus you're never lost to me.
There's a place where dark woods meet and one day I'll find you there.
Because it's a place we share.

Black cloud running through the night, black cloud running high.
See him there in my mind's eye - reflected in the sky.
One day we'll take flight... La la la la la

Written by:

Laurel Sprengelmeyer

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