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The Drifter

This song is by Little River Band and appears on the international release of the album After Hours (1976) and on the Australia release of the album Diamantina Cocktail (1976).

I'm just a drifter, movin' around from day to day
I live out on the highway and sleep down in the subway when it rains
There once was a city girl who longed to love and hold me every night
But I had to run away and leave her to live my own life

I know the down and out, I've seen the way the people live
And I once had a doubt that maybe there was more we all could give
Then I got older and the wine and life lay heavy on my mind
And I'm not much wiser now, but thinkin' about it helps to pass the time
I'm a drifter

Been up, I've been down, I've been pushed around, still a drifter
Been got at 'n' fell flat and come back every time
No luck at the table, I've never been able to hang on to a dime
Still I find there's love in this heart of mine, oow

Now I'm on the back-streets, down with the beggars and the thieves
And I've seen the ladies who just lay about the city when it breathes
I long to be settled down, but know I'll keep on movin' 'til I die
And I never had a friend, I only caught the winkin' in her eye
Oow, I'm a drifter
Keep on, keep on driftin'
Always be a drifter

Written by:

Graeham Goble

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