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Forever Blue

This song is by Little River Band and appears on the album No Reins (1986).

Sometimes I wish I was a sailor
Way out on the stormy sea,
Far away from the city and all this misery,
And I wish that I could tell you just how much you mean to me,
No matter where I run to,
I'll never lose your memory.

Sometimes I close my eyes and drift away,
I can't forget the things I didn't say,
I chose a life that took me away from you,
And I will be forever blue.

When you wake up in tomorrow and I'm no longer by your side,
Just don't think too much about me and of the many times you've cried,
And wherever you may wander may good fortune be your guide,
Go find another lover, one who'll never leave your side.

Sometime I close my eyes and drift away...

I chose a life that took me away from you, and I will be forever blue.

Written by:

Graeham Goble

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