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Baby Blue

This song is by Little Birdy and appears on the EP Little Birdy (2003) and on the album BigBigLove (2004).

Am I too young for you babe?
Am I too stupid to see?
When I get home to see you
I rush after your charms

It's naughty to be here

And my love song for you, babe
Is it all that you propose?
And I'm lying on top of you
Wait, I cannot see

It's naughty to be here

But I can't say that
I love you anymore
I just wanna make you happy
Just living for today

Baby blue, I'm yours
But I only wish it was my plan
Change the wild love song
To the one you hate

Is it all that you're waiting for?
Patience and you'll see
That in too long you'll be alone
You let me go

Whoa, la la la la...

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