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You Are So Special Because You Are So Unique

This song is by Listener and appears on the album Ozark Empire (2005).

You play the role so much that you're starting to snowball
And it gets chilly when you pack the ice around your stone heart
Yeah, you're words are cool but honey I spit freon
You're a catch phrase slang term colored in neon
And I can't pick which words to use predictable or cliche
It's been taking up most my time, so how about blahzay
Or what about blah blah blah, or how about who cares
Or what about forgettable, well I like who cares
See I'm santa claus with a truck full of row boats for all you islanders
You can follow me but you got to work for it, I'm your secret admirer
You clean your cleats, I'll run my mouth, and bite my tongue, so I don't bite yours
I have a bone to pick, I'll crack my mandibles and massage your clavicle
Making mostly groundbreaking, and trying to write radical
It's not safe out there with how you perroette and flare
This is your dance lesson I give you permission to stare

You're unique just like everybody else, you're so special
You are your favorite everything, you're so special
We're all convinced that you're one of a kind, you're so special
Won't you show us all that you know, you're so special
We think it's rare that you know you're rare, you've got it all figured out
It's just that you're so unparalleled, you've got it all figured out
'Cause you're unique just like everybody else, you've got us all figured out
You are our favorite everything, you make us all scream and shout

Selling lemons to lemmings when all they need is a leader
You probably grow lemons and are a cheater pumpkin eater
Honestly we're all your biggest fans, so cool it
No one talks behind your back about how you're stupid
And I'm not really sure if that says too much about you
But I'm not the one saying it, I'm reading your tattoos
You've penned quite a few phrases and you seem very proud
Or maybe it's just that you're telling me this very, very loud
I didn't know we started spelling ego y-o-u
But you don't seem to care that much you just confuse
Here's a nickel little monkey dance and play your drum
You're chained to the cart but you don't want to run
That's life though and we all have to learn to see through it
You're so special and you know it, and you can even prove it
See I've got no more wind for your broken wings
I know it's cold in the shadows where they make you sing
So I'll bring you this heater for you to warm your hands to
I won't say anymore words and I hope you like my man too

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