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Officer You Have the Wrong Man I Am Not That Man

This song is by Listener and appears on the album Ozark Empire (2005).

Officer don't haul me in
I've not had a drink for weeks
But tonight they were screaming at me again
At least I didn't punch her in her teeth
A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do
And she can't be talking loud like that
I wish you knew what I'm going through
But she's a whole different person when I pull out the bat
I only wanted to scare her
I promised I would never hurt her
But when she talks about leaving
I go a-wol and treat her like a deserter
I'll be honest with you, I needed a fix
And you can take me in if that's a crime
You probably think I'm stupid
But I've lost a lot of blood and I'm seeing lines
I apologize for disturbing the peace
Please tell the public that I'm very, very sorry
But this is my house and I'll voice my opinions if I want to
I never thought she would stab me so far
She always argued with a knife in her hand
But I think that she loves me
Very, very much and it's all my fault

Officer don't haul me in
I'm dying here and I need a drink
Tonight she was screaming at me again
So I laid down the law she was standing by the sink
Honestly it was probably my fault
Because I was just trying to scare her
But before I knew it, she put a knife in my ribs
So far in that I couldn't even blink
She left the house, please try and catch her
She'll want to say goodbye
You could probably say we've got it all mixed up
I don't like it this way, it's just how it is
I can't figure out how we got this far
It's probably my drinking, we didn't need it
I always ordered up a temper when I left the bar
And then I brought it home for us to feed it
I don't know why we fought like this
I can't believe that I'm dying on my floor
What's gonna happen to my kids?
Tell them mommy loved them, and daddy did more

I'm sorry that they had to see the whole thing
I'm a monster and they know it
You know this is no place for a kid to grow up in
Though it's better this way
Officer just let me be
I've lost too much blood and I need a drink
Stop trying to patch me up
I've made a mess of it all and I need a drink
I don't know why we lived like this
I can't believe that I'm laying here
I don't know if I'll be missed
Don't let my kids see me here
I know that we all get to die
So pull apart my ribs and let some sun inside