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In the Woods You Know Where Your Enemies Are

This song is by Listener and appears on the album Ozark Empire (2005).

In the woods, you know where your enemies are
Be friends with the trees and you'll live a long life
Why don't you take it to your heart what I'm telling you now?
Here you'll live a year with every day and wonder how
It's survival of the strongest, but that's an understatement
Stare ice in the eye, as you freeze encasing
It doesn't matter what you are, there's no division
If your living, where the trees block your vision
From the sun's mission, as it touches leaves kissing
Call it photosynthesis with water and the heat
And night and the light and the air as it meets the rings
As they ring out their ages. you gotta keep 'em close
Closer than family. strike when it's hot, hide when it's impossible
I know all the trees in the forest and the creatures
I know all the pains that bring death to its creatures
I walk the paths