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I'd Like to Offer You My Dearest Apologies

This song is by Listener and appears on the album Ozark Empire (2005) and on the album Not Waving, Drowning (2009).

I'm a deer caught in the headlamp glow of your traffic jam life. and so
Murderously I stand innocently all wrapped up into one
Here in your path
And all I can think of is no
And all you can think of is no
No, I don't want to
No, I don't need this
No, I don't know what to do
It's my last decision and it was so selfish. I wasn't thinking of you
And now I've killed you and you've killed me
And I did it so stupidly, please forgive me
I wanted it so bad crouched in the darkness. I couldn't wait either, staring into your eyes
I wanted what I couldn't have, and that was so heartless
I saw the light and my legs began to rise
Why I waited until you came along? I don't know
As I sit here in a pile of myself thinking about it all
Was it rash, or was this my fate? I'm sure it wasn't yours
I'll take the blame, it was me who came into your path
If it's all the same, I'm really sorry
I can understand your families sad
And if you can't accept my apology please don't feel bad about
Cursing my name (atreyu)
I'm just a deer who got caught. I got scared
And I forgot what it was I was doing, what I was pursuing
It's not the way I usually run my life
What a mistake
The whole time I'm asking: what am I doing? who is this running my thought process?
I wish I would have thought before I did what I did
And for that I'm sorry. I offer you my dearest apologies