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Time Is Your Crime

This song is by Liste Noire and appears on the album Brace (2016).

Time, time is your crime tonight
Why, drink until you're blind
Come, you, closer to me tonight
'Cause us, is a union of lust

How, can we love ourselves... tonight
With what, can we, change ourselves... tonight
This is what, I truly love, I'm not proud of myself
Only the Lord, knows how little I care, I just don't care

I feel like there's somebody else here
Someone who shouldn't be there, not be there
I forget who I am when I'm with you
All that we have is more time, is more time

Stepping, closer, which is further away, from me
Fingers through hair, a faint smell of you, of you
Try to run, but you are what you are, tonight
And we all know that you have nothing but time

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