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Belly Beast

This song is by Liste Noire and appears on the album Brace (2016).

Belly beast I've been carrying you with me my whole life
Belly beast you're my inner voice
Belly beast you're the beast I can't control, I tried in vain
Belly beast I accept your pain

My belly beast pulls the strings and will always decide,
That vicious beast, on my behalf
Belly beast you're the one that lead me astray all along
But at least you made me strong

And what would I do without you
My belly will stay fertile for the vile beast

Belly beast you're the part of me that fears and never fails
When it comes to spoil my joy
Belly beast sometimes I wish I could abort you
But you made me what I am

Belly beast you will never leave me as I am the one,
Belly beast, who created you

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