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Were I A Star

This song is by Lisa Pertillar Brevard.

Were I a star, I would point to you.
Were I a bird, I would sing to you.
Were I a diamond, I would shine for you.
Were I the sun, I would warm you.
Were I a butterfly, I would light upon you.
Were I a sapphire, I would blaze for you.
Were I the moon, I would face you.
Were I a mountain, I would stand you.
Were I a ruby, I would fire you.
Were I the sea, I would enfold you.
Were I the wind, I would kiss you.
Were I a pearl, I would adorn you.

But I am neither star
Nor bird
Nor diamond
Nor sun
Nor butterfly
Nor sapphire
Nor moon
Nor mountain
Nor ruby

I am not the sea or the wind or even a pearl.
I am woman
Of flesh and bone and blood
And you
Are the jewel in my heart.


Written by:

Lisa A Pertillar-Brevard

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