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Cool Summer Night

This song is by Lisa Brokop and appears on the album When You Get To Be You (1998).

Stopped by today,
Had a chocolate shake
Down at Burger Joe's.
Took me back to
When I fell for you
At the drive-through window.
Talked me into taking off early
Never saw love in, such a hurry.

That was a cool summer night.
Just like it was yesterday,
I remember.
Big dreams and butterflys
Getting the chills like it was December.
Hearts letting go as we held on tight
That was a cool summer night

Late last night,
It was like old times,
Just me and you.
Stepped away,
Down to the lake
Found an old canoe.
In the moonlight,
You were gently rowing
Without a word,
I knew where we were going

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