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Shirley (Keep It To Yourself)

This song is by Lisa Bevill and appears on the album My Freedom (1992).

Shirley is the local gossip queen
She's a walking tabloid magazine
Quite a reputation
The biggest mouth that you've ever seen
Shirley's on the phone most every night
Talking faster than the speed of light
Verbal recreation
She can't keep her lips sealed tight

Up and down the grapevine
Talking on the party line
Oh, it's her favorite pastime
1-900 conversation
Read it in the headlines
Trash is never hard to find

You can hear a murmur in the crowd
There must be a rumor going round
Someone's ears are burning
They've become the talk of the town
If you want the latest breaking news
You can bet that Shirley's got the juice
She'll exaggerate it
Surely Shirley's stretching the truth

Running down her blacklist
Looking for a friend to "dis"
Well, it's a nasty business
Character assassination
Cuttin' people down to size
Shirley's got a wicked mind

Don't you know that idle talk is cheap
There are things you never should repeat, repeat
If it's confidential
Don't abuse your freedom of speech

Keep it to yourself, keep it to yourself

Keep it to yourself
I'm tired of hearing about it
Keep it to yourself
You and your big mouth

Keep it to yourself
Keep it to yourself
Where did you get that mouth
Keep it to yourself
Keep it to yourself
Keep it to yourself
Keep it to yourself...

Why don't you keep to your yourself
Your mouth is so big
I can count how many motors you got in your mouth!
Hey, hey, yeah
Shirley, now don't you know this is bad
This is real bad
Shut yo bad mouth!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah
Shirley, if you don't watch out
You gonna get paid back
And I mean paid back in double duty
You ever heard "what goes around comes around"?
Well, this comin' around your way! Now!
Watch out! Hey!
Why don't you keep it to yourself
Now, Shirley, I'm tellin' ya
You better hang up that phone
'Cause God's gonna send a lightning bolt to ya
And He's gonna bust your ears!
Ha, ha, ha, ha!

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