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This song is by Liquid Divine and appears on the album Black Box (2007).

Without an aim we stagger throught a span of time called life
We learn to be replaceable, we learn to stand alone
We use to hope for better times to burn infected wounds
We learn to act adaptable, we learn to fear the change

Afraid of my intentions, I know you grasp for air
Now everything's collapsing, protect me if you can
Nothing's like it seems to be, it's all about technocracy
I wonder 'bout your way of life, we're closer to the end

We cross the swords to fall from grace, we don't give anything away
We deal with words just to impress, we like to hurt and to forgive
We try to handle any loss, we're really narrow-minded
We're moving on in circles, the hunt is on my dear

We really don't know where to go, at least we're going down
We listen to the madman's speech of all the things to come
We suffer from the happy end, we fall asleep, we dream
We take it all away, we act like figures on the screen

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