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This song is by Liquid Divine and appears on the album Black Box (2007).

Listen to this sad old song, it's rain, I know you cry
Let's watch the dark old sea tonight, it feels like coming home
I've dreams to give, I'm tired, a mind for sale, I'm weak
Don't be afraid, come closer, enjoy the way I feel

Life's becoming faster but I want to be slow
You still reach for higher goals, I still prefer the low

All the places of my youth have been changed by time and man
Everytime I walk these streets, I feel no happy view
Watching satellites tonight, silently they're passing by
Everytime I close my eyes, I lose all sense of time

Your frozen pool is glowing to light my way back home
I'm absolutely outside, I guess I'm unwelcome
Staring to the lights outside, calm down, I'll stay tonight
A loser can't be beautiful, it's like a family portrait

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