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This song is by Liquid Divine and appears on the album Black Box (2007).

Shapeless forms around me,
Everything is still the same
Light is floating all around,
Frozen, silent, clear as day
Taking miles in seconds now,
We'll find a way back home
Memories becoming dreams,
Fragments of our minds

Black eyes, still blind, obsolete...
Your face, my skin, care for me
Black walls, your room, paradise...
Your kiss, my pulse, vote for love
Black hearts, still life, so unreal...
Step back, further, please don't leave
Black leaves, unseen, overgrown...
White flags, my dear, vote for life

Dead stars, hopeless, may it be...
Soft breeze, we are what we are
White waves, endless, set me free...
Forward, downward, this is hell
Black lines, frameless, no escape...
One world, high hopes, take my hand
White noise, unheard, is it me?...
Faithless, mortal in the end

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