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Fortune And Fame

This song is by Liquid Divine and appears on the album Black Box (2007).

Sleeping on a bed of nails, don't worry, I am fine
We're dancing over minefields, everything's all right
Living in your slipstream, falling free from gravity
Waiting for the impact, feeling so alive

Anything we lend, anytime we stand
Any price we pay, every single day
Anything we give, any place we leave
Anywhere we go, everything we do

Walking on the beach at night, barefoot in the sand
Catch the fog to see the sun, I'm still the pensive one
Cross the sea in just one moment, dream on little famous girl
Dreaming in the traffic jam, here comes the rain again

Staring to the ancient sea, listen to the restless waves
Got your message in my heart, I wish you could be here
Asking for a helping hand, fishing for some compliments
Watching everything goes down, coming back for more

Past is just an anchor now, a flagship without aim
Praying for the sorry man, the worst is yet to come
Telling lies to hide the truth, help me to believe
Superficial emptiness, now bring it to an end

All these ambitions and every first step
We're moving in circles, we'll never arrive
Asking for something, fortune and fame
We learn this by heart, day after day again

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