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9 To 5

This song is by Liquid Divine and appears on the album Interface (2005).

Please select a sense for me
Help me stand my pulse
Introduce me how to breathe
Revolve around my life

Daily identical feelings
I recognize them all
Please select an end of mine
What a waste of time

I wish that you could feel
This distance to myself
I guess I dreamt of silence
Like whispers in a cage

Individual weakness
Based on imperfection
Indifference as a part of life
I'm sure there's no return

First-class simulations
Please select my past
Am I a replication?
Insignificant at last?

Remote control from inside
My soul's a burning room
Where do I have to go to die?
First steps even hurt

Emotionless I'm waiting
My coldness takes effect
Who wants to be a common man?
Who wants to be excused?

Intentionless decicions
I recognize them all
Artificial loneliness
As part of what's called life

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