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Rock Steady Romance

This song is by Lionrock and appears on the album City Delirious (1998).

Woman wants a man and not a fact
No sweat. Man who needs a mate to do the act
Not yet; woman needs her time do to her thing
Object: man must find a job to buy the ring
Too quick, rushes to the vicar for a date
Feels sick; one too many lagers before eight
New chick: bridesmaid looking well hearted
Swift kick: married life done before it's started

Object: man who needs a family to fit in
No sweat; throw him to the sharks and let him swim
Not yet; teach him how to step into the fire
Object; take away the reason to be hired
Too quick; saw a little more but not enough
Feels sick; politician sea is kind of rough
New chick; politician wife is pushing in
Swift kick; married to the man to see him win

Hold that, meaning would be peace if you would hear.
One step closer and the sound would disappear
High-tech, telescopic link into the mind
Why set limits to the truth that you could find?

Death-race; all they want to do is run you down
New taste, sell you something sweet to bring you round
New home, mortgage you a room inside a wall
New tongue, govern you with tone you never saw

Object; prices are the shares are getting low
No sweat; sell 'em to a man who doesn't know
Not yet; maybe they'll be better in a while
Object: take the money off him with a smile
Too quick; man, he made the killing on the spot
Feels sick: you should have had some faith in what you've got
New chick: blame it on the girl who didn't see
Swift kick: if anybody's wrong it isn't me.

Cat goal; money in the bank and in the house
Cash flow; money in the city and the spouse
Streamline, kids are getting more but learning less
Dreamtime, doctors give us something for the stress

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