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Dread Beat and Blood (1978)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat and Blood

Dread Beat and Blood

  1. Dread Beat an' Blood
  2. Five Nights of Bleeding (for Leroy Harris)
  3. Doun de Road
  4. Song of Blood
  5. It Dread Inna Inglan (for George Lindo)
  6. Come Wi Goh Dung Deh
  7. Man Free (for Darcus Howe)
  8. All Wi Doin Is Defendin

Forces of Victory (1979)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces of Victory

Forces of Victory

  1. Want Fi Goh Rave
  2. It Noh Funny
  3. Sonny's Lettah (Anti-Sus Poem)
  4. Independent Intavenshan
  5. Fite Dem Back
  6. Reality Poem
  7. Forces of Viktry
  8. Time Come

Bass Culture (1980)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Bass Culture

Bass Culture

  1. Bass Culture
  2. Street 66
  3. Reggae Fi Peach
  4. Di Black Petty Booshwah
  5. Inglan Is a Bitch
  6. Loraine
  7. Reggae Sounds
  8. Two Sides of Silence

LKJ in Dub (1980)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - LKJ in Dub

LKJ in Dub

  1. Victorious Dub
  2. Reality Dub
  3. Peach Dub
  4. Shocking Dub
  5. Iron Bar Dub
  6. Bitch Dub
  7. Cultural Dub
  8. Brain Smashing Dub

Making History (1984)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Making History

Making History

  1. Di Eagle An' Di Bear
  2. Wat About Di Workin' Claas?
  3. Di Great Insohreckshan
  4. Making History
  5. Reggae Fi Radni
  6. Reggae Fi Dada
  7. New Craas Massahkah

Tings an' Times (1991)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Tings an' Times

Tings an' Times

  1. Story
  2. Sense Outta Nansense
  3. Tings an' Times
  4. Mi Revalueshanary Fren
  5. Di Good Life
  6. Di Anfinished Revalueshan
  7. Dubbing for Life

More Time (1998)Edit

Linton Kwesi Johnson - More Time

More Time

  1. More Time
  2. Reggae fi Bernard
  3. Hurricane Blues
  4. Liesense fi Kill
  5. If I Waz a Tap Natch Poet
  6. Reggae fi May Ayim
  7. Poems of Shape and Motion
  8. Seasons of the Heart
  9. New Word Hawdah

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