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I Don't Think There's No Need To Bring Nothin' (1999)Edit

Linford Detweiler - I Don't Think There's No Need To Bring Nothin'
I Don't Think There's No Need To Bring Nothin'
  1. Run Dark Olive
  2. Is It Too Late To Start
  3. First Kind Sight
  4. I Said Something Yesterday That I Liked
  5. She Lost Feeling In The Ends of Her Fingers
  6. A Sort of Reminder
  7. Weak In the Knees Across the Sky
  8. I'm Gonna Deal With You Someday
  9. Ok As Long As You Don't Squeak Or Bark Or Make Other Animal Noises
  10. I Should Have Kept Going
  11. All Memory Of You Would Be Erased

Grey Ghost Stories (2001)Edit

Linford Detweiler - Grey Ghost Stories
Grey Ghost Stories
  1. I Thought I'd Just Pass This On
  2. I Forgive You
  3. Put On Your Dancing Shoes
  4. I Was Thinking the Same Thing
  5. Sunday Evening
  6. Roseships
  7. Someday We'll Move to a Small Farm (And Sit and Watch the Snow Fall)
  8. Pirate Girls
  9. I'm In the Attic Again
  10. Up, Up, Up
  11. New Thrift Store Dress
  12. He Was Happy
  13. Consolation
  14. Shake It Off

Unspoken Requests (2004)Edit

Linford Detweiler - Unspoken Requests
Unspoken Requests
  1. Mary's Hymn
  2. Beneath Abraham's Stars
  3. Winter Wedding
  4. We Dream An Ocean in Ohio
  5. Dancing Close Again (In Karin's Warm Kitchen)
  6. Elroy Levon's Forever Home
  7. Her Black Fedora Grin
  8. On the Train Home to Hartville
  9. Please, Let's Try Again
  10. Emma Grace Takes Off Her Glasses
  11. Making Up A Bedtime Story
  12. Screendoor Music

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