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Don't Move On/Living For The City/Changes

This song is by Lindsay Lohan and appears on the Disney soundtrack Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004).

You brought me to the highest mountain
Out of my, deep despair
And you don't know how much I need you
To stand beside you
To breath your air

Don't move on
Don't move on
Don't move
Don't move
Don't move
Don't move on

This girl, she works
In downtown New York City
Surrounded by
Four walls that ain't so pretty
Her parents give
Her love and affection
To keep her strong
Movin' in the right direction

Living just enough
Just enough
For the city!
Yeah yeah

Livin' just enough
For the city
Livin' just enough
Livin' for the city

So I turn myself to face me
But I've never
Caught a glimpse
How the others must see the faker
Well I'm much too fast to take that test

Turn and face the change
Just gunna hafta be a different girl

But-I-can-trace-timeest mountain