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​When Friday Comes Along

This song is by Lindisfarne and appears on the album The News (1979).


One more Monday morning at the station
See the hangdog faces we all wear
They don't know I know the combination
When Friday comes along I'm gonna get my share.

Seasoned ticket holders, please, forgive me
I've had enough of Monday morning rain
I wonder if you knew you'd all come with me
When Friday comes along I'll never be the same.

Well, I've done more than my share
I know more about laissez-faire
Than to sit and wait until my ship comes in.

It took a whole lot of getting wise
And just a little bit of free enterprise
Before I realised that stealing is no sin.

Drag my name through scandal and sensation
Read about it on the Southern Line
I'm going where I need no reputation
When Friday comes along it's gonna work out fine.

I've got a ticket on a 747
And I'll be dancing all the way to heaven
When I get that Friday midnight flight down south.

And when my working day is done
I'll sell the story to the Sun
'Cause I could never look a gift-horse in the mouth.

So if you get that early train next Monday
Say I won't go down without a fight
Even if I'm doing time by Sunday
When Friday comes along I'm gonna be all right
Yes, when Friday comes along I'm gonna be all right.