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Juiced Up To Lose

This song is by Lindisfarne and appears on the album Happy Daze (1974).

Stop your looking at my best friend
You came here with me
I'm drunk and I don't know how now
What you've been slipping me?

A poor man's lot is small
Can't be drowned in booze
I'll give it just one try now
All juiced up to lose

I'm a one time all time losing man
Can't do anything right
But an optimist of the brightest kind
When I'm all juiced up, all juiced up

Hey, you never look at me
The way you look at him
This juice gone to my head now
What you putting in?
When I'm all juiced up

My flesh is awful weak
Bottle spirit's strong
You know you got me beat
But where did I go wrong?
I'm juiced up to lose, hey hey, woah, juiced up


Written by:

Tommy Duffy

Lead vocals:

Tommy Duffy

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