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Cruising To Disaster

This song is by Lindisfarne and appears on the album Sleepless Nights (1982) and on the album The River Sessions (2004).


President Reagan ain't faking when he says,
He's gonna teach the Russians good.
You seen what he done with his six shootin' gun,
When he cleaned up in Hollywood.
And the White House standin' up on Capitol Hill,
It's a fortress to freedom with a license to kill,
Only the finger on the trigger with a gunslingers skill,
Wants to prove to the world he's not over the hill.

And the men in the Kremlin all senile and twitchy,
Would love to come in to your life.
To reach out and touch you and teach you the history
Of revolution and strife.
And the red army's there to help you make up your mind
If you think you've got something to do with your time,
They got rockets and missiles that'll blow your mind,
Something to do if you've time.
And blow your future right out of time.

We're cruising to disaster, getting faster and faster
Watch the wheels catch on fire,
Watch the flames burning higher.
Crusing to disaster, getting faster and faster
Stand in line take your place
Say goodbye to the human race.

We've had a good run now the fun is all gone,
And the bomb is about to take over.
If you wannt a last look at what it says in the book,
It says you'd better look over your shoulder.
'Cause the military man has made his plans
And ordinary people don't understand,
It's a long hard haul to the promised land
If you wannt to survive you've got to make a stand.

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