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The Mad Hatter

This song is by Linda Eder and appears on the album Now (2011).

If you need something done, lay in way, hit and run
There is just one name you should know
I'm not sugar and spice, I'm more naughty than nice
When it comes to bad I'm a pro

So just drop a dime on me
I will guarantee, it's a fait accompli
Check out the hat
'Cause baby, I'm where it's at

You got someone to find, somethin' nasty in mind
Put the hatter hot on the trail
I can get the job done like Attila the Hun
And buddy, that ain't no fairy tale

Let them run away, I will make them pay
Quicker than the lady can say
Off with her head
Well, isn't that what she said?

I'm the Mad Hatter, wacky as a hatter should be
The Mad Hatter, ain't nobody crazy as me
Might as well give up now, ain't no way, no how
No one makes their get away clean
Know what I mean? The Hatter works for the Queen

What is true? What is not? Can both change in a shot
And buddy, me, I couldn't care less
'Cause in two seconds flat, livin' under my hat
Is the strategy for success

I can stop a coup with a thing or two
That you thought nobody could do
You oughta know this ain't my first rodeo

I'm the Mad Hatter, dapper as a hatter should be
I'm the Mad Hatter, ain't nobody snappier, you see
So just surrender, dear, for the end is near
Let's grease up that old guillotine
You think I'm mean? Well, get a load of the queen?

There is nothin' I won't do
There is nothin' too taboo
I will lie, I will cheat
I will track you down and then hit delete
Tout de suite, so, buddy, let me repeat

I'm the Mad Hatter, clever as a hatter should be
I'm the Mad Hatter, never pull the wool over me
I've got a welcome planned here in Wonderland
It's an audience with an axe, take it from me
I'm only stating the facts so sit back and relax
The Mad Hatter attacks, the Mad Hatter attacks


Written by:

Jack Murphy; Frank Wildhorn

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