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It's Time

This song is by Linda Eder and appears on the album It's Time (1997).

It's time to hold my hand
And take a chance
It's time to pay the band
And start the dance
We hear the melody
We know the song
It's time, I think
We're on the brink
Of waiting far too long

Why not believe our eyes
And cross our hearts
Dispense with alibis
Enough false starts
It's time to put away
Our childish things
And time to trust
In us... and what tomorrow brings

It's time to risk it all
And shoot the moon
So just let go and fall
It's not too soon
Before the clock strikes one more chime
Let's see if we can move love off this dime
'Cause when we kiss we both can see...
It's Time

It's getting too late
For a lengthy debate
So let's go for the win
Let's give forever a shove
So love can begin

It's time to let it ride
'Cause time won't wait
If luck is on our side
It's not too late
Before we stumble past our prime
I know together we can make this climb
'Cause I believe for you and me...
It's time

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