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I Never Knew His Name

This song is by Linda Eder.

I never knew his nam
As he called to me
Pleading with his eyes
Suddenly so wise
Trying not to cry
Now he's gone and I
Never knew his name

I've seen his kind before
Rising to his fall
God, he was so young
Like a song half sung
Interrupted by
Someone just as shy,
Who never knew his name

The true cost of honor is suddenly too clear
It measures too far and deep

He always looks the same
Dressed in blue or gray
All the life he'll miss
Girls he'll never kiss
Things he'll never try
Unaware that I
Never knew his name

I never knew his name
Guess it's just as well
So I do my part
Hiding from my heart
Whispering goodbye
Thanking God that I
Never knew his name

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