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This song is by Limp Bizkit and appears on the album Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ (1997).

Tell me why ya came, tell me why you're here tell me why your voice is
Always ringing in my ear
You wanna be the man hangin' with my crew who the hell are
You though
I see you're always at my shows, always with my bros.
Always finding places where I think nobody goes
I can't seem to shake you from this so now I have to break
You from this

(Chorus) Can't you just let me be leech
Aw, get it straight
Can't you take a hint, thought you had a friend that's such a
Shame that you're coming around again.
And I'd really love to take ya out like Chuck Norris instead I'd
Kick 'em with a vocal, slap 'em with a chorus
Man I really shouldn't have to beg
What makes me sick is when your mommy and daddy hit the
Oh you say you'll not get that picture so I'll frame this scripta
To grip ya

(Chorus) stop sticking around - 3x

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