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This song is by Limp Bizkit and appears on the compilation The Family Values Tour 1998 (1998).

Are you ready?
Lemme hear some nooooooise

GET UP GET UP (woo hah)

Wait just a minute I see your mouth movin'
But I don't hear a word that you say
POP! Mish Mosh Up in the brain
I'm on my cycle
Highways, my ways
Are up and down like the Dow Jones
I rock these microphones
I don't exaggerate
Keep it real and only speak about the shit I hate
Don't hate the people just the 'tudes
The attitudes
So lose the attitude, and I won't be fuckin' mad at you
But if ya bitin' don't be frightened kid
I'm sorta likin' whatcha stealin'
Your open wound style needs some healin'
Checked out by my flow
I'm glad ya know
Behind the spunk I got the phattest fuckin' live show
You feel the tension
The eyeballs in ya socket
Can't comprehend how we rock it
Ya can't stop it
Ya like the ways that we livin'
Ya need it
Your demo tape, punk
I inspect it, then reject it
Who survives at the end of the day?
But too much airplay, huh,
I'm gonna keep it all underground

GET UP GET UP (woo-hah)
Whattya know about this, punk?
Who's hot ? Who's not?
Who ? WHO?
Who's hot ? Who's not?

Wait just a minute
I see your mouth movin'
But I don't hear a word that you say
BUCK! Hand Grenades
Best describe the impactionCan't get no satisfaction
Ya take it back
What were you doin' back in '82?
No need for answers just a thought for your mental
Fallout Shelter
Heltah Skelter
The J Bob bet ya,
The Beatle upset ya
But I'm an easy rider like I'm Henry Fonda
The Kingpin Bizkit
That flows beyond ya
Mental highways, my path ya can't stop
The unexpected, so check ya roadblock
Go black water, keep on rollin'
Cause this mic is mine and I'm a keep on shinin on you

GET UP GET UP (woo-hah)
Whattya know about this, punk?
Who's hot? Who's not?
Who? WHO?
Who's hot? Who's not?

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