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All Right

This song is by Lily Frost.

Don't worry yourself,
Not even a bit
Don't jump off a cliff or throw a fit.
I'm gonna be ok.
I'm gonna make it my way.

Everything's all right!
The sun is shining and it's gonna be a clear night!
Everything's a-ok!
Nothing's going wrong and today is Friday!
A weekend to party and forget about you.
Everything's all right tonight!

Even though it's over I hope we can be friends.
Even though we're finished it's not the end.
Even though you're broken I feel as if I'm free.
Even though you may feel old, I feel like I'm three.

So put on a happy face.
Don't make it a big thing.
We're over, so let it go.

Everything's all right.
Everything's all right.
Everything's all righttt.

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