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Why Stop Now

This song is by Lil Wayne.

Every single time I get up in the building
Then I touch it, and I get it poppin'
You can never stop it
And how long it got 'em hung in
And they're wonderin'
On how my nigga does it
When I'm blackin' every hood and every street and then I flood it
Makin' every DJ wanna bring it back and they robbin
Makin' other niggas starve 'n' ain't no food up in the cupboard
See the way I got 'em spittin'
Now I gotta nigga runnin'
From the way that I be gettin' on the beat and I'll be
Dumbin' (I'll be dumbin')

Lemme gibble in
And a dabble with the flow
Lemme show you niggas
How I really mix it up
I'm a slow it down a little
Naw think ya betta meta flip it up
(Kill 'em!)
Switch it up
I'll probly pitch it up
Don't wanna see ya
Bottles in ya hands,
Nigga get it up (ho!)
Throw my money all around
Until it hit the ground
I'ma makes shorty work before she pick it up (whoo!)
You know the shit was kinda dead '
Fore I had to
Step up all up in the spot
And really lift it up (damn!)
And soon I busta nigga head in
And then I throw a little coke up shoot until they sniff it up
And see they know'
When I come
I hit it up
I kill it '
Till a nigga 'body get the stiffin' up
Ya need to betta know
That I can do anything that I want
Niggas already be knowin'
I'm a give it up!

All right, I'm a let you niggas calm down for a minute and get your shit together!
Here's what I need y'all to do!
Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap
Let's go!

Ok, come around,
See me put it down just a little bit
Ball and I'm heavy,
Y'all already know exactly what to do
Somebody better get the crown when the nigga spit hurry!
Make sure you polish it a little 'fore you bring it to me
While I get it down with another hit (you're ready),
And you ain't even gotta ask
When you already know another bang is what you gonna get!
Yeah! better bounce when a nigga say so it's like magic
When the nigga spit pressed out
And if you're really with me, and you're ready, let's go!
Rhyme with a nigga
Like we're on a metro
Y'all already know
I kill anyone,
Anywhere, anything
From the very intro
And I beat the most
And you shoulda
Knew that form the very get go!

Just watch 'em close,
See how they bug
On how the god delivers
Now we're blacking in this bitch,
Until the police come and get us!
Watch so you could see! (the conglomorate)
Who fucking with us?
I could shit and fart all on the beat and kill a couple niggers! oh, oh!

Everybody know what the fuck it is -true!
And then I think I'm a beat
Them in the heads
Niggers know I do it till I split a couple of wigs
And you know that when I got him
And I hit him from the bottom
You don't want a nigger really though!
And I'll be doing anything that I want
It don't matter where we're at, I'm a let it go!

Yeah! we can do anything
Walk into anywhere and buy anything!
I'll be chilling, I don't worry about anything
Why stop now? I could have everything!
Yeah! I could have everything!

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