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​Take Me Back

This song is by Lil Suzy and appears on the album Life Goes On (1995).

Here we are
Where I wanted to be
Dancing so close
I can feel your heartbeat
So say you were
Look into my eyes
All of the pain and the hurt
I caused it
I was a fool
Can't you see?
I played the game
Now I lost your love

Take me back!
I beg you please
Take me back!
I'm on my knees
I was wrong
And time can pass
I loved you forever
Take me back towards the end

Boy I'm sorry
If I wasn't true
It meant nothing
'Cause he wasn't you
I took the risk
Now I'll take the blame
Without you boy
Nothing feels the same
One night of passion
Now two broken hearts
Baby say,
It's not too late