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Love Can't Wait (1991)Edit

Lil Suzy - Love Can't Wait

Love Can't Wait

  1. Children of the World
  2. Love Can't Wait
  3. True Love
  4. Sweet September Love
  5. Falling in Love
  6. Honestly in Love
  7. Take Me in Your Arms
  8. Prove Your Love

Back to Dance (1994)Edit

Lil Suzy - Back To Dance

Back To Dance

  1. Turn the Beat Around
  2. Till the End of Time
  3. Real Love
  4. Work
  5. You & Me
  6. Don't Let This Feeling End
  7. Alone and in Love
  8. Take Me in Your Arms (Remix)
  9. I Think I'm in Love
  10. You're the One for Me
  11. Since I've Met You
  12. Don't Be Lonely

Life Goes On (1995)Edit

Lil Suzy - Life Goes On

Life Goes On

  1. Promise Me
  2. Now & Forever
  3. Lies
  4. Just Can't Get Over You
  5. Someone for Me
  6. When I Fall in Love
  7. Take Me Back
  8. We'd Always Be Together
  9. I'm Not Ready
  10. Promise Me (Bonus Mix)

Paradise (1997)Edit

Lil Suzy - Paradise


  1. Can't Get You Out of My Mind (RMX)
  2. You're the Only One
  3. Everytime I Dream
  4. I Still Love You
  5. Memories
  6. Do You Want to Ride
  7. Erased
  8. Can't Get You Out of My Mind
  9. Love Letter Lost
  10. Paradise
  11. The Way I Love You
  12. The Nite
  13. To Be with You
  14. I Want Your Love

The Greatest Hits (2003)Edit

Lil Suzy - The Greatest Hits

The Greatest Hits

  • To avoid over-inflating this page, only tracks not available on other releases are shown here. For the full track listing, refer to the album page.
  1. Sweet Lies
  2. So Lonely
  3. Back in Your Arms

Songs on CompilationsEdit

  • Suzanna (featuring Collage) from Metropolitan Freestyle Extravaganza, Vol. 7 (1996)

Other SongsEdit

  1. Surrender

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