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Too High

This song is by Lil Dicky and appears on the mixtape So Hard (2013).

Wassup, wassup y'all
L-D aka Young Dick

Had to make a track about smoking weed, man
Every rapper got a track about smoking weed so I didn't really have a choice
But, I guess I made mine a little bit different is all
It's like, it's like, it's like

Blowin' something sticky word to pre-cum dicks
I'm wit ma team in this bitch, and we all getting lit
I mean the weed hella loud, like a teenage chick
And we been smoking for a minute, yeah we blowin' on that ganja
And now I'm huffin and puffin, I'm choking on that bong
And the dope I'm on is bomb I'm smoking that Vietcong
Getting real high
Watching funny videos of Bill Nye
Tell me that this jam isn't still fly --

*Bill Nye Skit*

Now I'm getting hungry than a muthafucka
Put some chicken nuggets in the oven at 400
Where'd I put that honey mustard
Lookin' all around the cupboard for that muthafucka
Until I discovered a custard, I covered wit butter from last week
How long do them thangs keep?
Guess I better ask Jeeves
Go get ma computer but I'm staring at the damn screen (wow)
Damn D, you forgetting what ya task be
The puff puff pass, gotcha gassed
Now ya man is fucked

And I was tryna get a little buzz, so I took a little puff
But I think I'm way too high
And I ain't wanna come off like a bitch, so I took another hit
But I think ma brains too fried
And yeah I'm fuckin' faded but I hate it
I'm praying that I make it
Afraid I'm goin' to dieeeee
I'm too blazed, it's too late
To save Dicky from this fuckin' place, 'cause he too high

Now I'm freakin out up in this bitch
Can't control it and ma homies passin round another spliff
So I bolted to the BR
Consulted with the mirror
Lil Dicky please step up, you pathetic
Cause the weed in you beating you
Then all a sudden I'm on the toilet beating ma penis blue
But I ain't cummin because as I'm imagining fucking something
That pretty girl I'm humping
Becoming my fuckin' cousin, or mother or brother
Or some other fucking disgusting person
Ma brain is bein strange, 'cause I'm high as a plane
I ain't deranged, I'm just saying it's a violent strain
So I go back to the back where they packing up cigars
Dipping snacks, kicking back, staring at some Avatars
Then I flipped, took a decade and a half to make that shit
Yet they couldn't put a second and a half up in that script
How the fuck a human being wanna fuck a
Blueish green 7' 3 tail having ass thing
Man I'm high as fuck

Rock hard cock, 'cause I'm watching Katy Perry
And in her video the whole world's made of candy (wow)
Damn, I ain't even got no candy
So now at the fucking C store
Where ya man be torn than a mafucka
Peanut m&m's or a Twix
Can't commit, so I count the benefits on ma hands
Goddamn now I'm weary of the man -- yeah the cashier
Homeland, Nazir!
S-s-s-so damn tweaked I can't even cross the mothafuckin street
Gotta wait until that muthafucka's green
Now I'm back up at the crib, and I'm laughin' at giraffes long necks
Gotta shit, but the path to the bathroom is complex
Crafted a long text, took about an hour
Took a scary shower, now I'm sitting naked on the ground
Man I'm fucked up. I'm bout to call ma mom up and tell her what's up
This sucks I'm high as fuck

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