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Sky Hooks

This song is by Lil Dicky and appears on the mixtape So Hard (2013).

All right, this the type of shit they be playing at the barbershop
I hear these mafuckas saying that it's all for naught
But I ain't stopping till I make it to the top y'all
They bout to feel stupid talking like a dropped call
'Cause I'm bout to pop off ma dude, the flow too cashy
And this white dude ain't trashy
I'm actually college educated, U of R abbreviated
Got inebriated but ma GPA was still amazing
On that 3.93 tip, fuck you know about a
Eastside G spittin' uncontrollable
I mean if clever was the measure, then I'm better than
Whatever rappers getting cheddar, I'm the king, and they Coretta
They some bitches like a kennel got
Dicky spittin' devil hot
Listenin to my writtens got you whistlin like a kettle potttt
I can't stop till I make a dent
But this is greatness, take it in
Ya namsayin 'cause

Y'all mafuckas wanna be that kid
Want to lease that whip
Want to be that sick
Das a mafucka in this mafucka getting dough
Like a mafucka in this mafucka whatchu know 'bout a
Late teen wit dreams, debate team to frees
To makin' these hooks like Kareem, yamean
Now ya man deep in the game, but keepin' the same
'Cause I believe, I been keepin' the faith, y'nawmsayin?

And I spit that shit so asinine
Been known to jerk my dick just to pass the time
And I ain't never really care for these fake mafuckas
Take mafuckas cake like I wait on these mafuckas
Hate when these mafuckas talk the talk
I'm at the plate, but you know I'm getting walked or balked or somethin'
And you ain't even in my league lil shawty
I'm a beast you can find me on the beach wit a sporty lil young thang
Tan lines out the ass, so bad she about to go to Alcatraz
I gotta second wit the tenth, thinking alphabet
Lil Dicky only breaking bad bitches, Malcolm's dad
I'm on the beat, know you heard of that
G that'll murder cats
Freak raps, my dude, my genes in a fertile sack
Balls full a ballplayas, Archie Manning
I could even let a few in ya family
Now I'm laughing 'cause

And I'mma cake like it ain't nothin'
I stay humping wit a cock, trying to date something
I'm straight frontin 'cause I'm not, hard top on my mama's Lexus
I ain't stoppin' till Lil Dicky and Obama texting
Dog, I just wanna rap till ya man straight blow up
I'm nasty, throw up
My fam reads Torah
And I can do this shit on the reg ya dig
White mack sound brown like Texas's
I'm really dreaming 'bout the 22s but I can do it though
I got a Jewish flow and I ain't ever had a student loan
I think you knew it though, darling, ya man correct
I tell y'all bout ballin, Stan Verret
'Cause I been known to use a metaphor
Only fuckin' ten or more
Thought I was an artist but I think I'm liking metta more
Atlanta, Japan to Amsterdam
Ya boy bout to run up into the stands, ynamsayin baby

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