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Grimy As A Gooch

This song is by Lil Dicky and appears on the mixtape So Hard (2013).

Ay, I'm callin' out all these muthafuckas
Rick Ross, Beanie Sigel, errbody out there that think they grimy
Come see me, yessir

Ion fuck around, I been getting down
Not afraid to eat some triscuits up off the ground
5 second rule, I'm on that 5 year
A lotta guys fear what I got in my ears (wax)
If I ain't pissin then you know I'm shittin' bricks
Do it sick, when I finish homie I ain't washin' shit
Shaved dick, shave wit, same shit, face get
Bitches sittin' on my pillows and they butt naked
Lickin' grease off of that pizza
And these muthafuckas probably want a paper towel
Everybody know that I rape toenails
When I pick, then I flick 'em on the straight up ground now
Ain't shit to a muthafuckin' bawlaa
Mo grit than a muthafuckin' dolla
Come back from ballin', you gotta smell sack
Yeah it's that appalling
And Ion ever wash ma feet
When I'm in the shower, they be hard to reach
When I'm getting down, goin' out on the weekend
I'm asleep before I brush my teeth
I'm a goddamn G tho
Mo grime than Ed Reed's pee hole
Mo grime than Ronaldihno
These other rappers can't deny it

'Cause I don't even act like a thug, but I'm cold enough
I ain't moving crack, holdin' guns
But there's more than one dimension to a bawlaa
You can find ya boy around the way
Being scummy and fucking grubby you know I'm tryna say
That I'm grimy as a gooch
Grimy grimy as a gooch (swag)
Grimy as a gooch
Grimy grimy as a gooch (swag)
It take a slimy muthafucka to be grimy as a grundle
So you in trouble, if you attempt to try to be as gutter as the kid

Eating wings, Beating off
Dick stings from the muthufuckin' hot sauce (swagga)
Came nuts... no TP, lazy so I rub it on the damn sheets
Ya man D on that Reggie Evans shit
Boogie pickin', boogie flickin', hella belly button lint
Fuck a bitch, and I'm wetter than a muthafuckin' swish
Yeah I'm sweating more than CC bases loaded, bottom 6
I'm eating mixed nuts with my mouth wide open
At bar a bar where them house flies float
Ion give a fuck if it flush if I must urinate
Not a place up in the house I wouldn't go
I sink piss, and I sniff clothes
Nastier than Kimbo
And I lick snow, When it's yellow
And I sleep at the hotel on
That old blanket that yo mamma used to never let you touch
I just don't give a fuck, I'm nasty like the nut of Johnny Kruk
I do the dutch oven to myself
Fuckin' wit the way it smells
So if someone sicker well then tell me

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