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Album by Lil Boosie.
  1. Devils (featuring Foxx)
  2. You Don't Know
  3. Betrayed (featuring Webbie)
  4. Chill Out
  5. Bank Roll (Part 2) (featuring Big Head and Webbie)
  6. How We Do It (featuring Webbie and Lil' Trill)
  7. Cartoon
  8. Thugged Out (featuring Foxx)
  9. Better Not Fight (featuring Thuggie, Lil' Trill and Foxx)
  10. What I Learned From the Streets
  11. Calling Me
  12. Do It Again
  13. Long Journey (featuring Webbie)
  14. The Rain (featuring Lil' Trill and Locco)
  15. Showin' Up (iTunes bonus track)
  16. We Gon' Miss You (iTunes bonus track)

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