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So Lost Without You

This song is by Lil' Mo and appears on the album Meet The Girl Next Door (2003).

Last night we had an argument,
And I, said things that I didn't really mean
Yes I, Let the moment get the best of me (baby please forgive me)
I, know you felt less than a man when I
Promised I wouldn't be that way to you
But if love walked out don't know what I would do...

'Cause I'd be so lost without you
Don't think that I could carry on
And I would, be a mess for the rest of my life
I would, wish I could lay down and die
'Cause I'd be so lost without you
Don't think that I'd be able to stand don't
Think I'll ever fall in love again
If you ever were to leave I know these words'll be true
I'd be so lost without you

It's hard to think about the love we make,
Our relationship and how we share
Couldn't bear to think of, someone takin' my place (whoa oh)
I'd lose my mind and my will to care
Probably wish that God'll take me away from here
Life would be so unfair
Would never be the same again

Babe I don't
Know what in the world I would do
If you ever really leave
Leave me all alone and take this love away
I would lose my mind, lose my will to be alive
If you ever say good-bye
Don't think I'd be the same

Chorus (repeat)

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