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Take It!

This song is by Lil' Kim and appears on the album Hard Core (1996).

Lil' Ceas: Damn, Biggie, I can't believe you bagged Lil' Kim.
B.I.G.: Yeah, I had that bitch on my dick, man. She saw my Benz,
Rode all over my dick, fucked that bitch.
Lil' Ceas: Yo, aight.
B.I.G.: I'ma knock her ass... but yo, yo, yo, you should fuck
Her homegirl, though, her homegirl.
Lil' Ceas: I want to, I want to, man, but that bitch is into some
Eatin' pussy shit, yo. Man, I'm not tryin' to fuck with
Shit, kid. Too far ahead.
Trife: Nah, but the other one though, the other one, the little
Short one with the fat ass.
Lil' Ceas: Where?
Trife: I'm thinkin'...right there... I think I'd put it in her
Ass, man!
B.I.G.: I'ma fuck, I'ma fuck Kim. I'ma take her up in her room...
Lil' Ceas: I want that one right there.
B.I.G.: With the ponytail?
Lil' Ceas: Yeah.
B.I.G.: Yeah, fuck her, fuck her.
Lil' Ceas: I'ma fuck her good.
B.I.G.: Take that!

*They all bust out laughing*

B.I.G.: Take that!
Trife: No doubt.
B.I.G.: I'ma fuck the shit out these bit...
Trife: I'ma set that up right now.
B.I.G.: I'ma fuck the shit out these bitches tonight.
Lil' Ceas: That's anal, right there.
B.I.G.: Anal!
Lil' Ceas: Anal, baby!

*The three start laughing again*

B.I.G.: Fuck it, anal! I'm gonna fuck!

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