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To Live and Die

This song is by Light Years and appears on the EP Just Between Us... (2012).

A thousand miles from home
A million more to go
I can't keep my eyes open tonight
But at least I tried

Watch it all fly by
The best years of my life
We never stood a chance but I guess we
Knew it all along

I got a lot to say
But I can't make a sound
One day I'll fade away
Buried underground

This is the life we lead
Like sailors lost at sea
Signed up for this
To go down with the ship
So hold your breath

Waiting for the fall
If it ever comes at all
Cross my heart and hope
I'm not the only one to die alone

Is this what you expected
From the lessons you never got to learn
It's hard to imagine
The better it gets, the more it starts to hurt

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