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Throwing My Life Away

This song is by Light Years and appears on the album I Won't Hold This Against You (2013).

I keep having these dreams
Every night I sleep, don't know what they mean
Trapped in the house where I lived
When I was just a kid and I can't escape

No sign of the end
Just my greatest regrets and oldest friends
Who all left me behind
I never made up my mind or any sense

But if the writing's on the wall
I just didn't see
I was stood up on my date
With destiny

I'm sick of throwing my life away
Sick of all of the things that I can't change
Sick of having to live this way
Watching my dreams go down the drain

I've got these holes in my heart
They match the ones in my head but I don't mind
'Cause every now and again
I like to pretend that I'm alright

They say the hardest part of life is growing up
And from all that I did I've had enough
But the world won't stop spinning
And I'm just here wishing it would stop

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