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People I Used to Know

This song is by Light Years and appears on the EP This Will Come Back to Haunt Me (2010).

The sun hasn't set on us yet
Blame it on distance or people around us
Who says that we have to forget
Trying my hardest to reach out again

And all the sidewalks and buildings we know
Our favorite songs played over and over again

Places I never want to go
Watch as all my friends change into people I used to know
Every sunset
I can't catch my breath
Went to place I'd never want to go

Summer was just out of reach
I'll beat my heart out
Until I'm underground
If it were all up to me
We'd storm through the nights like we'd never need sleep again

This is where our memories will end
Our favorite songs played over and over

Here's to hoping for a better year
All we can do is try

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