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Ghost Stories

This song is by Light Years and appears on the EP This Will Come Back to Haunt Me (2010).

I can't say I didn't see this coming
I can't remember what it is I'm running from
Everything I did came back to haunt me
So lock the doors, draw the blinds
So I can rest my eyes

It's too late to play it safe
With life moving this fast
People change as they grow old
We all will die or so I'm told
But we'll live our lives
Just the way we want

I like to pretend that I'm clever
But everyone around me knows me better
Please don't remind me forever
Of what I should have done or could have been
'Cause now I'm fucking lost

Goodbye to my younger years
I just closed my eyes and they disappeared
Someday I'll get out of here
That's what you want to hear

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