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Turnpike Gates

This song is by Lifetime and appears on the album Jersey'S Best Dancers (1997).

We would drag oursevles to bed
And sleep took everything I had
I kept it up till he would call
You made me feel like a criminal
And then there's you
You kept a smile
Though I would always walk the wire

You gave it all
I gave you reason to have doubt
I had to get out of here
I took the stairs
I don't wanna fight with you if I can't be the one to have you
You sat that chair like a queen in the kitchen
I memorized the lines your eyes made
At every squint you shot my way
But you're miserable
And I'm useless
Always making up excuses
I made you cry too many times

So I'm hanging up that line
I'm throwing rocks at your floor
I'm knocking down your front door
I'm desperate tonight
And I just wanna fight
It's my confusion that lets me act so cold
So now I'll go
And you wanna be just left alone
Put down that phone
'Cause if you want me, just call out "hey boy."

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