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This song is by Life Cried and appears on the album Drawn + Quartered (2006).

Lying diseased as our time dies cold
Through this tame, blind and corrupted soul
This shallow existence bleeds
Your fate dries out before the lies unfold

I’m counting demons as they take my soul away
Feeling comfort on the coldest night
Still they all weep in sorrow
As death smiles with delight

And all the world
Before my eyes
And all the sorrow
Stale insides

This is when your body bleeds and the mind goes numb
It’s when it’s laid to rest and everything is all gone
When you are begging please and finally alone
I’ll tear my face, an existence gone

Fading away as the symptoms die
This rage, disgust and anguished cries
My soul is full of hate
This life is full of pain

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